Let’s Make It Loud

Continuing our series, The Collections, showcasing a selection of Nick’s images against a backdrop of original music, we’d like to share the next video with you: Loud.

The fourth video in the series features a brilliant collection of some of Nick’s favourite rock images set to a fabulous seven minute soundtrack, Little Girl, by British rock band Machine.

As with the rest of The Collections, Loud is being aired on Nick Elliott Press Office TV, but here it is in all its glory:

Ask Nick


We’re often asked about the ‘man who is Nick Elliott’ and what he is really like so we’re bringing you the opportunity to ask Nick anything you like!

So, if you’re curious to know what makes a legendary rock photographer tick, who Nick’s loved shooting or what happens behind the scenes, just visit ask.fm and we’ll find out for you!

Imitating Real Life Photography

Media coverage: Fine City Magazine

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The tour of duty continues

The book tour continues into a new year and there have been some brilliant compliments received about it.

Although there are too many to share with you, here are a couple that we were particularly proud of….

“Having seen both the HardKase and the hardback edition of TEN, it’s clear that Nick and his team have put together a superb collection of images. The range of performers alone sets Nick apart from his contemporaries, and the quality of the images firmly seats him among the most proficient performance photographers of our time.” Jolyon Mason, Owner

“As usual Nick Elliott has put a high quality product together. From the flight case to the book itself, it feels quality. The Images capture feeling and intimate moments of an artist deep in to their performance.” John Allen, Owner

“A Decade In Images makes you look at the performers in a different way. In some ways, it finds the person behind the performance.  This is photography as an artform combined with music as a passion, a potent combination indeed.” Neil King, Editor, Fatea Magazine

The book draws you into the evocative world of black and white photography, capturing the intense moments of time and place occupied by the celebrated artist. The addition of colour creates a prismatic journey that encompasses the whole visual extravaganza. Kate Mason, Oakham

More news about the tour will be coming sortly.

Nothing Saintly About Rock

No, we’re not trying to bring a Saint into disrepute, he’s already rocking in Birmingham!

The wonderful St Pauls Gallery, which specialises solely in music wall art, will be representing Nick’s work and we’re really excited about it!  We’re getting an exclusive collection of limited edition images together especially for their customers and will let you know when they’ll be ready for you to pop along and have a look at.

In the meantime, here’s what Symon Bland, Owner at St Pauls Gallery, had to say about it:

“We are delighted and excited to be working with Nick as we have admired his work for some time now. His ability to bring these stills to life is testament to his skill behind the lens and adding his repertoire of images to St Pauls Gallery is a pleasure and privilege.”

Welcome to the show!

Guitar Heroes On Display In Show

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Even Less Sleep in Nashville

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