Featured Image – April

This month’s featured image is Europe’s Joey Tempest.

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Featured Image – March

To celebrate the launch of Nick’s latest book, 50Folk, the featured image is one from the publication: The Saw Doctors.

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On stage with the Saw Doctors CFF 2003

Featured Image – February

This month’s featured image is Glen Matlock.

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Shooting Planet Rockstock 2014


For those of you who aren’t aware, Nick is the official photographer for the greatest rock radio station on the air…Planet Rock….and he spent last weekend shooting their second rock festival, Planet Rockstock 2014, in Trecco Bay, Wales.

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Earl of The Manor

Earl Slick

Working with famous rock stars sounds like the most enjoyable job in the world but some projects are more enjoyable that others….and this was one of them!

Over the summer, Nick had the pleasure of working with one of the most rock ‘n’ roll men in the business – guitarist Earl Slick.

Earl has worked with some pretty awesome names including David Bowie, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, John Waite and David Coverdale amongst others.

And now…rock photographer Nick Elliott.

Nick and Earl shot the project at the wonderful, award-winning, Voewood House and if you fancy a quick peek at the results, take a look at Nick’s gallery.


Celebrating Rory Gallagher

Nick 7

Nick with Rory Gallagher’s famous Strat

Nick has never made any secret of the fact that his favourite artist of all time is the rock blues guitarist, Rory Gallagher.

Earlier this week he was invited by The Ambassador of Ireland to a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Rory’s legendary Irish Tour ’74.

Held at the Embassy of Ireland, the celebrations attracted many famous faces including lots of Nick’s musician friends, one of which was the Whitesnake’s Bernie Marsden, who has toured a tribute to Rory with his original band and playing Rory’s guitars.

And talking of guitars…Rory’s legendary Strat also made an appearance!

The event gained lots of media coverage and Nick’s photo with Bernie was taken by the Irish Post, but if you want to see more photos take a look at Nick’s snap book.

New Website Live


Keeping up with recent developments in technology, Nick’s website has been redesigned with brand new features and interactive capabilities for viewing on all modern-day devices.

In addition to showcasing his online portfolio in a number of separate galleries and detailing his regular shows and exhibitions, it also introduces a new private client area.

An online store continues to offer visitors the chance to purchase fine art prints, books and bespoke furniture and, of course, there is a link back to the press office so clients can all keep up to date with the news.

Take a look and immerse yourself in Nick’s excellent work.