Irish eyes are smiling

It was a sharp, cold day in London this week when Nick went on location to shoot an album cover for the enormously talented, Irish, singer songwriter, Pete Kennedy. Pete has recently completed his latest recording in Nashville, USA, where his agent Lee Williams, arranged for him to work with some of the biggest names in country music. Nick devised the concept for the shoot before being joined by Lee, who is…

Even Less Sleep in Nashville

Media coverage: Fine City Magazine

No Sleep In Nashville

Media coverage: Fine City Magazine

No Sleep Since Nashville

Nashville is a long, long way away, as Nick has just found out! Straight from shooting for a week in Music City, attending show-biz parties and working on the CMA awards, he’s now back in the UK with a heap of post production and a book full of orders. No sleep yet, though, as there is the opening of his exhibition Just This Side…