Nick and the elliottstudios team are excited to announce that Nick has another fine art gallery residency, this time, at the reputable Open Space Gallery, based in Birstall, Leicester.

Open Space Gallery promotes the artwork of a select group of artists from all over the U.K. It’s diverse range of fine art encapsulates fine art oil paintings, intricate sculptures, glasswork, pottery, and photography. Nick’s fine art photography collection of his beloved Norfolk County is now being represented by Open Space Gallery, with over 40 stunning images of Norfolk.

Nick’s artwork features many of Norfolk’s well know landmarks along with a few lesser known locations, accumulating into a breathtaking, limited edition collection. Each fine art piece carries the distinct style and character that only Nick Elliott can capture.

To view Nick’s Norfolk Collection at the Open Space Gallery, visit and treat yourself.

“I’m absolutely thrilled that the Open Space Gallery are representing my Norfolk Collection, thank you Ian for the warm welcome.” (Nick Elliott)


Nick has started to develop his own personal podcast, for release in the next few weeks.

As Nick has become increasingly in demand over the last few years. His unseen rock images are now being distributed amongst galleries, his controversial Dark Art Projects are causing a stir with fine art collectors, London exhibitions are being organised, and several commissioned projects with high profile music artists, are only a select few of the commitments that Nick and the elliottstudios team are in the process of organising.

With such a hectic calendar, Nick finds there are a lot of topics to talk about. Nick’s personal podcast will include broadcasts from location shoots, his travels, current projects, personal opinions and views on anything that this outspoken rock art photographer wants to discuss.

Sometimes controversial, but still full of the humour, this personal podcast is well worth a listen to catch up with everything that is Nick Elliott.

“ I can’t wait to start getting these podcasts released, I’ll talk about anything and you can keep up with what me and the team are up to.” Nick Elliott.


Sebastian Alderete, director of The Music Photo Gallery, has invited Nick to supply some of his unseen, vintage rock images for sale within his gallery.

The Music Photo Gallery at

Nick is in the process of selecting some of his iconic vintage fine art rock images from his archives. Selected images include Motörhead, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, The Who, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Bill Wyman, Robert Plant and Earl Slick.

After the selection process is completed and submitted, The Music Photo Gallery will also undertake the promotion of Nick’s fine art mages to their market in the USA, Latin America, the Caribbean and Mexico. Nick will be in good company, as Mick Rock, Bob Gruen, and Chris Stein are just a few of the iconic music photographers who already supply to TMPG.

The Music Photo Gallery (TMPG) continues to validate music photography as Fine Art Photography. Representing the most important photographers of music history worldwide, whose work has captured the popular idols. Based in New York City and co- working from Buenos Aires, TMPG creates, produces and develops original cultural content in innovative formats partnering with artists, photographers, filmmakers, curators, producers,and professionals from all related areas, in order to cement the music photography genre as an accepted fine art expression. TMPG is the only music gallery to specialise in vintage, rare, and never seen images, working with curators, museums and international fine art institutions.

“This is such a great opportunity to get some of my unseen images into a gallery with such a remarkable reputation. I’m really looking forward to working with Sebastian and The Music Photo Gallery.” Nick Elliott.


Nick has been invited as a guest on New York Reel Talk. Nick was approached by the talented Pamela Sue Mann for an interview which will be talking place at the end of the month.

New York based Pamela is an accomplished musical artist, singer-songwriter. She has released several successful albums and has worked closely with Suzanne Vega, Gerry Leonard and pop music icon Donna Lewis. Pamela has toured internationally with many well respected musical artists. Her music can be heard on International radio, internet, in film and TV.

New York Reel Talk is co-hosted by Pamela, and co-founder Alex Lewczuk, making it an exciting audio treat which encompasses a range of creatives from New York, sharing their music, thoughts and opinions. The show is broadcast Internationally from Southside Broadcasting as a revolutionary transatlantic podcast.

Nick will be talking about his music tastes, his creative art, plans for the future, his up and coming London Mayfair exhibitions, his new Dark Art, and anything else that comes up, in this exciting opportunity to be part of the New York Reel Talk show.

“ I’m really looking forward to working with Pamela and Alex again, it’s been a while since we have had a good old chat. It was Christmas 2021 that we last worked together.” Nick Elliott.


Nick has been developing a virtual online gallery where a selection of his fine art images can be displayed in the most initiative way and reflect the quality of his creations.

Nick’s virtual gallery

Nick has chosen seventeen previously unseen images of guitar legend Earl Slick, from his Rockumentary project that lasted several years. Nick had been documenting Slick for a new publication, crammed full of professional, onstage and candid shots of Slick. Over the duration of the project the pair have cemented their friendship and endeavour to meet up every time Slick comes to the U.K.

The virtual gallery displays a small proportion of those images of Slick in a unique 3D virtual style. Nick plans to change the images every three months to keep his visitors captivated by displaying his fine art rock images and some of his new conceptual pieces.

Part of the virtual introduction

“I think this is a great way to display and promote my fine art. I’ve been looking to do this project for a long time and have found the perfect suitable platform, that does justice for my work.” Nick Elliott.

To enter the gallery and see for yourself some of Nick’s iconic unseen fine art visit


Nick has been invited for an interview with the founder and presenter of What’s Your Story, Alex James.

Alex James with Sir Bob Geldof

Nick will be appearing on ‘What’s Your Story’ on 26th May, as he chats candidly to Alex about his life, art, and his plans for the future. The episode will be broadcast on you tube, for you all to catch up with.

Alex interviews individuals who have a story to tell which may inspire and help others. She approached Nick several months ago with a view to interviewing him about his interesting life and how his drive and passion for fine art photography could inspire others.

“I’m really looking forward to having a chat with Alex, I’ve got a lot to tell her!” Nick Elliott.


Nick and the elliottstudios team are pleased to announce another huge success for Nick’s conceptual Dark Art Projects.

Gabriel Fine Arts, based in Canary Wharf London, were so impressed with Nick’s Dark Art projects, that they have invited him to be included as a special guest in their next show, Unity In Variety XI Annual Exhibition. The Exhibition will be held at St George Street, Mayfair, London between 15th-20th June at a bespoke fine art gallery.

There will be images from three of Nick’s Dark Art Projects that will be exhibited, professionally mounted, framed and signed by Nick, ready for this special collector’s sale. The selection has been chosen from the projects entitled Fuck U, Lonely Man, and The Other Side.

Nick will be exhibiting his special collections alongside many other illustrious and inspirational artists. Nick will be personally attending the private viewing on the 15th June 6-8:30 pm. Please RSVP to

Gabriel Fine Art Gallery have featured in numerous international publications including The Times, Mayfair Times, Vogue, Ministry of Arts Podcast and LA edition of Art Reveal Magazine. The Gallery operate in worldwide exhibitions, galleries, and with collectors of fine art. In 2021 it was hailed as award winner for best international exhibitor from Red Dot Miami USA. Gabriel Fine Art Gallery have a reputable reputation for representing exceptional and well known artists from around the globe, they have curated bespoke art displays in prime locations, and work closely with curators, dealers and worldwide galleries. Their exhibitions and events in the U.K. and overseas include, Art Basel Miami, the Venice Biennale, and Miami Art Week. The gallery have also worked on projects with Goldsmiths, Big Draw Festival, Westminster Hub and Canary Wharf Arts.

Gabriel Fine Arts Gallery admired Nick’s conceptual dark art collection so much that he will also be exhibiting in their next show entitled The Agony and Ecstasy Of Being, also being shown in London in October of this year, but with a different selection of images from Nick’s conceptual Dark Art collections.


Nick and the elliottstudios team have been working flat out to prepare for a very special exhibition showcasing some of Nick’s most outstanding fine art images. The exhibition will include narrative from Nick, and filmed by elliottblithefilms. It will be predominantly designed for broadcasting across the USA via Nicks USA Representative to selective galleries. However the finished video can be viewed in the U.K. at a later date.

Nick signing some of the exhibition pieces.

The exhibition will be recorded at an undisclosed location at the end of the month. It will display a large amount of Nick’s fine Art images, including some that have been carefully chosen from his unseen archive.

“ This is a really special exhibition experience. It allows the elliottstudios to showcase my work in a very unique way that will be kicking”. ( Nick Elliott)

As previously stated Nick’s U.K. fan base and fine art collectors, need not worry about missing out, as they will have the opportunity to see the exhibition at a slightly later date.


After a resounding successful shoot in the beautiful Republic of Ireland last month, Nick has been busy post producing and printing out the finished fine art images, ready to go to their new collectors.

Nick’s Ireland Tour which took place over a week, involved two very special clients, Simon Collins, son to Phil Collins and Canadian guitarist Kelly Nordstrom. The images are for album artwork and promo material for Simon and Kelly’s new album , out on sale later this year.

Excitement is increasing at elliottstudios as Nick prepares to return to the Republic of Ireland for an extended shoot this June with Simon Collins and some very special musicians, all congregating at Simon’s music studio.

“I can’t wait to get back out on location in Ireland with Simon. He’s an absolutely top guy to be around. His family and friends made me so welcome, and I can’t wait to do some more face melting stuff with the guys.” ( Nick Elliott)


The 2Go Mad In Norfolk series has developed into an extremely popular podcast, which is the source of much amusement with its worldwide audiences as they listen to the hilarious, and often bizarre shenanigans that Nick and Andy get involved in and discuss.

Renowned rock art photographer Nick Elliott and award winning film director, Andy Blithe have completed eleven successful podcasts so far with plenty more still in the production phase to keep it’s listeners entertained. The duo discuss a variety of topics on location around North Norfolk and have even invited the Norfolk community to join in the fun on some of the episodes.

The topics and discussion often turn a little risqué as Nick and Andy enjoy talking about themes that are not often mentioned, with amusing results. So if you want Nick and Andy to entertain you, there are eleven episodes to chose from or you could just binge listen to them all!. The podcasts are available on Spotify, Anchor, and Copy RSS.

Just a few of the 2Go Mad In Norfolk podcast titles


The very first episode of 2GoMad In Norfolk is now available to view on elliottblithefilms YouTube channel. The series, starring renowned rock art photographer Nick Elliott, and award winning film director Andy Blithe, has already got off to an incredibly successful start.

Two go medieval

The cheeky pair have been busy filming all over North Norfolk, sampling the unusual to the traditional delights that this wonderful county has to offer, and serving it up in a deliciously hilarious series which is well worth the watch. After hours of filming, editing and producing, this anticipated series is now ready to share with its excited viewers.

The series is being aired on elliottblithefilms YouTube channel in the first instance with a chance to catch it on other various internet platforms as it develops.

The first episode sees the pair battling it out in full knight’s armour for a chance to win the fair lady’s hand. So head over to elliottblithefilms you tube channel to see who won, and while you are there don’t forget to give the site a like and a follow.

“ This has been a blinding series to make. Andy and I have had some great laughs and met some wonderful Norfolk people, it’s been fantastic”. (Nick Elliott)

If you have a business, an usual hobby or a place of interest in Norfolk that you would like to include in the show, please get in contact with benicebond@icloud,com for filming consideration.


It was with immense pride that Chris Moore, one of Nick’s closest friends and radio co-presenter, has chosen Nick to write the forward to his latest publication brimming with personal poetry penned over a life -time.

Chris Moore and Nick

Chris and Nick first met over eight years ago, whilst co-hosting a radio show together. Their mutual love of music and shared bizarre sense of humour cemented their friendship, which has become stronger over the years, as each of them have excelled in their own creative work.

“ Nick, like myself , is a creator: he with the photographic image and me with the written word. We are good friends on an identical mission in that respect, so who better to ask to write the forward to my anthology? Nick is a respected and influential expert in his field and to have his endorsement of my work offers gravitas to it beyond my wildest dreams, and means the world to me.” (Chris Moore)

Chris has written several well received books but his latest offering entitled Mrs Jay Meets The Creation Ratio, brings together a selection of poetry written over the course of this life, the earliest entry, when he was just seven years old. The book contains hundreds of thought provoking poetry, covering copious subjects written in various forms to enthral the reader, immersing them into the most inner sanctum of a genius writer’s mind. Designed to make its reader fall in love with poetry, to inspire, and provide enjoyment of the written word, it does just that.

Both Nick and Chris share a creative passion, and their two art forms are as entwined as their friendship. Nick’s fine art images can be seen as a poem without words and Chris’s poetry portrays an image within the reader’s mind. Each using different techniques to guide it’s viewer and reader into a creative chasm of self discovery and interpretation.

Two friends, two art forms, two creatives.

After a humbling self reflection of their friendship, Nick put pen to paper for the forward to this wonderful book, which will be published and on sale this summer.

“ I was deeply honoured that Chris asked me to write the forward for his anthology. It was a complete privilege. Our friendship remains one of the most important things in my life, and always will.” (Nick Elliott)