The women behind Elliott studios. Part two.

As the saying goes behind every great man…

Here at Elliott studios ,Nicks team play an important role in ensuring every aspect of the studio runs smoothly and to perfection. Nick appreciates his team so much that he wanted you to know a little bit more about them, and what makes them so special.



Annie (60), plays a prominent role in the contribution of all aspects regarding the UK Team. Her key role is Nick‘s personal assistant and is proving to keep her very busy indeed.

“I’m always there when he needs me. I maintain the diary, write emails, and help him with anything he needs.” (Annie)

In the past Annie has had the priceless opportunity to assist Nick on some of his location shoots and Nick has taught her valuable lessons in the post production process. Annie is in the process of setting up her own radio show for her hometown of Leicester, which will definitely be worth tuning into.

“ Nick has asked my opinion on playlist for the radio shows, which is great fun!“

Elliott studios have extensive networks within the social media arena which Annie is responsible for maintaining, to ensure they reach the high standards that the Elliott studios command, and researches all the vital information that is required for the smooth day-to-day running of the business. She liaises between UK and international galleries regarding Nicks previous and upcoming fine art projects.

Annie has a diverse and colourful academic and vocational history, Starting her journey at British telecom in the drawing office, she then studied mechanical engineering and trained at the code breaking Bletchley Park. Annie now passes on her essential academic and life skills to others within her role as a teaching assistant.

“ It’s such a rewarding job knowing I have contributed to a persons education, it gives me great satisfaction”. (Annie)

When Annie is not dedicating herself to others, she devotes herself to her many varied hobbies. Her main passion is her art, using all mediums, and photography.

She loves her garden and it attracts many of the local Leicester wildlife. A family of foxes regular visit and are unusually tame around Annie. Her extended wildlife family have featured in The Leicester Mercury. Annie plays an important part on Leicester local radio and can often be heard reviewing newspapers and interviewing for the BBC. Norfolk holds an important place in Annies heart, from childhood to adulthood she has spent many Idyllic times on the north Norfolk coast. Nick and Annie have known each other for nine years and met through social media.

“We have tons in common and have become very close friends, and have been there for one another through some very dark times”. (Annie)

Writing and expression is very important to Annie and she has kept a journal for 11 years now. She is also in the process of writing Nicks autobiography.

“ It helps that Nick and I know each other really well. We know how each other tick. Artistically we are on the same lines too. When he asked me to be his PA it was an easy decision to make. We communicate brilliantly with each other and I understand the art behind his projects“. (Annie)

However, sometimes it’s not all roses working with the demands of Nick.

“He likes everything just so, I have to be totally up-to-date with everything. His worst trait is that he is terrible with directions, I’ve had to guide him somewhere on many occasions”. (Annie)

Annie has invested her time and effort into Elliott studios to help make it what it is today.

“Working with the team at Elliott studios and being Nick‘s friend is so rewarding.”

Elliott studios are developing many new and exciting projects that Annie is proud to be part of.

“There are many the Elliott studios are working on at the moment. We have the commissioned fine art photography, TV documentary, the autobiography and the new art projects that I’ve been nothing like Nick has ever done before. Nick is a true gentleman and very caring. He’s just great!.” (Annie)

“ I consider Annie to be a very valuable member of the team. She brings some very valuable talents to Elliot studios. Running the social media platforms and for everything that she does for me , she is second to none”. ( Nick Elliott)

The women behind Elliott studios. Part one

As the saying goes, ‘ behind every great man…’

Here at Elliott studios, Nick‘s team play an important role in ensuring every aspect of the studio runs smoothly, and to perfection.Nick appreciates his team so much that he wanted and you to know a little bit about them, and what makes them so special.


Raffaella Clementi

Raffy (49), lives in Roma Italy, and met Nick six years ago on Twitter.

“ I didn’t know who he was or what he did, we were just two people who had a mutual respect for each other”. (Raffy)

Rafi and Nick became firm friends over the years. Rafi began to appreciate and value nicks artwork. She began to collect next work and owns an extensive collection of his fine art and limited edition books.

It wasn’t long before Nick saw an opportunity for Raffy to help organise his European fine art market, and together they created the Nick Elliott Italian page.

“Nick thought I was the right person to help him and I agreed to do it. I’m very proud to call myself part of the Elliott studio team. Although sometimes I’m a total mess at the job! I’ve never use social media so much!” (Raffy)

Raffy takes her role very seriously but confesses she finds it difficult sometimes to understand some aspects of the rock ‘n’ roll world of Nick Elliott.

“I’m learning slowly, working with Nick is challenging but also very interesting and fascinating. His head is like an ever erupting volcano and I love his continuous explosions of art. But she can be very impatient at times!“. (Raffy)

Raffy helps organise European sales of Nicks fine art and the interpretation of negotiations between European galleries and the studio, that are in the process of hanging Nicks upcoming exhibitions.

Raffy has travelled extensively around the USA, Madagascar, Europe, Mexico, Brazil and the Philippines. Her love of music and the old films is nearly as great as her passion for writing, drawing, cooking and walking by the sea. Raffy has an established nursing career within the Italian health care system.

“ I love Nicks art. Over the years it has captivated my heart. I admire his passion, his heart and the sensitivity and energy that he puts into his art. It brings out many emotions. (Raffy)

“Raffy is a very valuable member of the team. Her contribution makes this work so well. (Nick Elliott)

Q & A. Part 3

Q1. What is your biggest regret in life and how has has it affected you? (Tracey J Cambs UK).

A1. Regret is not in my vocabulary! Everything that I have done, either good or bad was necessary to bring me here to where I am today.

Q2. If you had a superpower what would it be? ( T.A. Leicester UK)

A2. Insight into the future.

Q3. What do you feel is your greatest achievement to date? (Aaron. Oxford UK)

A3. Recognition in the rock music industry. The appreciation of my art and my Wikipedia page.

Q4. If you were a woman for the day what would you do? (Andi A Minnesota USA)

A4. Of course it would be have sex!… And find out what it was like on the receiving end!

Q5. Who was your biggest inspiration at school? (Emile Y. Peterborough UK)

A5. Tim Raynor, my pottery teacher from Stanground school I would love to get in contact with him again, if anyone knows where he is now let me know. He encouraged me to complete my first editorial work with the school paper when I was 15.

Q6. What would you like to achieve in the future professionally and personally? (Adam M Peterborough UK)

A6. Professionally I would like to have a placement in The Tate or National Portrait Gallery. Maybe sooner than I think! Personally I want a very happy, supportive and caring relationship. I’ve already achieved that!

Q7. What is your greatest fear? (Caroline A. Middlesbrough UK)

A7. Screwing up question six!

Q8. What did you most enjoy about your childhood? (Katie R. Cheshire UK)

A8. Just plain and simple family life. It gave me immense love, support, direction and the freedom to express myself.

Q9. In your opinion what musical year is the best and why? (Thomas A Birmingham UK)

A9. The whole of the 70s was a fantastic decade for music. It had attitude, rebellion and people had something to say. Everyone was fighting against the system, and from that unrest came great art and change.

Q10. If you could own any piece of art what would it be and why? (J. Smith Lincoln UK)

A10. The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. The person sitting at the centre of the table is the reason why I can do what I do.

If you have a question for Nick please send it to

Apologies if your question has not been included yet. Nick will get around to answering them all, he’s enjoyed reading them.

All I want for Christmas is you…

Nick loves a bit of stuffing and a mince pie afterwards.

It’s that time of year again when we reflect on the year that has passed, trim the tree, and appreciate the most important people in our lives.

With a time of hope, love, sharing, and bringing happiness to others, it’s one of Nicks favourite times of the year.

Nick and the Elliott team would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.

“ Thank you for your continued support. I wish you all a very Merry rock ‘n’ roll Christmas and a happy New Year”. (Nick Elliott)

It’s personal…….

Nick‘s personal blog has been revised and revamped to allow an up close and personal glimpse into the rock and roll world of Nick Elliott.

‘It’s personal’, will return to Nick’s website in January 2021. Nick is ready to give his controversial opinion on many subjects, from flower arranging to the state of the music industry. His no-nonsense approach to life and it’s tribulations will keep you intrigued and entertained. So if you want to know what’s going on in the mind and life of Nick Elliott keep your eyes peeled for the first of many revealing insights.


Nick Elliott and the Elliott studio team are excited to announce an exclusive collaboration with the much respected Brenda Cline, owner and CEO of the USA-based music artist management and production company, Workhorse 615.

Brenda is a prominent figure within the country rock industry and is associated with some of the finest country musicians that the USA has to offer.

Brenda‘s life long impressive music business career has seen her work with Neil Young, Leon Russell and many other heavyweights on the USA country rock scene, and continues to go from strength to strength.

Nick and Brendas collaboration heralds an exciting business proposition that will endeavour to elevate Nicks work to new heights on USA soil. Workhorse 615 will begin promoting Nicks interests within the USA, and future collaborations will include exhibitions of all Nicks fine art, after dinner events and conversations, commissioned album artwork and covers, Q&A sessions, and opening up new US client bases for the Elliott studio estate.

This breathtaking opportunity allows Nick to continue his USA adventures, and enrich the Nick Elliott brand for all his customers.

I’m ready for my close-up Mr Elliott…

Familiar with this genre, Nick has already developed concept art and directed four music videos. Nick’s extensive film history also spans to appearances in front of the lens. He has starred in cameo roles for Gary Curtis and Ed Graham’s music videos to name a select few, and continues to light up the screen with his ongoing documentary, “The Story so far” Filmed by a Aturn films.

Nick‘s natural progression to filmmaking will result in many new projects off the drawing board, to come out of elliottstudios.

Some of the new concepts include short films for submission to film festivals, commissioned music videos and documentaries.

“Having been approached many times to shoot music videos, the concept of moving into filmmaking seems a natural progression to extend my creativity. It’s a concept that I’ve been considering and kicking about for two years. Over the last year, the face of the music industry has changed, and how artists present themselves has changed also. Music videos and live streaming allowed me to keep up with these changes.

Exciting or what!!

When Will I See You Again……….

………….This Tuesday is the answer!

Nothing can keep Nick and his good friend Alex Lewczuk apart. This Tuesday will see them collaborating in their individual studios to continue the all-time favourite ‘Sounds and Nicks Vision’ volume 56.

Nick will be working in his new state of the art recording studio to keep the music flowing to his listeners.

The show will be slightly shorter than the other episodes but will still contain all the favourite tunes that Nick and Alex has to offer.

It will be a welcomed respite from an industry that has seen many struggles over the last nine months.

Airing of the show will hopefully be sometime this week, so keep your ear to the radio for more information

Thank you guys for keeping music live.

Part 2…Q&A with Nick

Q1. Is there any rockstar that you would want to photograph? (Marielle B. Uk)

A1. Well, that’s an easy one. Without a doubt it would be Rory Gallagher. The guy is a legend, and he is responsible with a few others for influencing my taste in music.

Q2. Cats or dogs? (Jules. S. London UK)

A2. I love all animals, but I’m going to have to go with dogs. My schnauzer friend Dudley is the best.

Q3. If you had a dinner party who would you invite, alive or dead and why. (Luisa. C. Bournemouth UK)

A3. My mum, just to see her and speak with her again. My dad for the same reasons and to ask him some questions that I never had the opportunity to before he died. Rory Gallagher, his music created a defining moment in my life, and David Bailey who I personally think changed the face of contemporary photography. And I would cook my rock ‘n’ roll chilli!

Q4. In your opinion what is the best camera that you have taken a picture with? (Jordan. Leeds UK)

A4. All cameras have different virtues. The The best camera I have ever used is a Canon. They are completely versatile, and whilst digital photography produces fantastic results, it shooting on a roll of film that separates the experts from the happy snappers. You can’t preview a shot, it’s totally reliant on light, exposure and an expert eye, when you use film. My Mamiya 67 is also a wonderful camera and a total pleasure to have in my hands.

Q5. Your house is burning down and you can only save two items what do you save.? (Lucas Leicester UK)

A5. Hi this is difficult because there are lots of things I would save, but it would have to be my memorabilia box. It contains many priceless things my mum and dad brought me when I was growing up. The second item would either be my partner Benice, or my Rolleiflex camera……I guess it’s going to have to be my Rolleiflex! She’s going to kill me when she reads this!

Q6. What is it like working with Robert Plant? Who have been the best rock band that you have worked with? (Janice S Bedford UK)

A6. Hi Jan, Robert Plant is one of my true heroes. He is a truly captivating bloke to talk to, extremely polite and down-to-earth. When I walked past him for the first time backstage, I actually shook with excitement, he’s been a massive part of my life musically. Led Zeppelin were my introduction to rock music and has remained at the core even to this day. There have been many bands that have been wonderful to work with, Rival sons, The Blockheads, Alice Cooper and Wilco Johnson to name just a few.

Q7. What influences your unique style of photography and how have you developed this? (Chris J Devon UK)

A7. The biggest influences on my style of photography where my dad at an early age, Terence Donovan, Patrick Litchfield and David Bailey who was my biggest inspiration. I also found inspiration in classic British black-and-white films and film Noir. They have so much atmosphere. My style developed with these influences that allowed me the freedom to express myself in my art and dare to push the boundaries of photography. Music also played a part in developing my inner awareness. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd was the LSD of the music world.

Q8. Who are the best bands that you have seen live? (Paul T Newport UK)

A8. Hi Paul. I’ve seen many bands ,and artists that have had an immense impact on me as a creative and personally. The most prolific band that comes to mind is AC/DC, that gig changed my life to the core. Although I never shot him, Rory Gallagher was incredible, I saw him play three times. Others that were so wonderful to witness and be part of a musical union were Joanne Shaw Taylor, status quo, the darkness, ZZ Top, Metallica, levellers, and Ozzy.

Q9. Do you wear some pretty cool clothes. Do you always dress like this? I am taking a fashion degree at Leeds University and your dress sense inspires me. (Sam O Leeds UK)

A9. The contents of my wardrobe are a total expression of myself. Over the last few years I have become more experimental with my look, and it’s really liberating. It’s given me extra confidence and keeps me in touch with my inner self. I believe that what you wear represents your personality and identifies us as a person. Nothing should be off-limits. I feel people who judge others fashion sense are trapped in a mediocre, expressionless existence and can’t identify with themselves. So mix the colours up, wear spots and stripes and do what you Gotta do. Good luck with the studies Sam.

Q10. Are you a tit or a bum man? (Mark W Oxford UK)

A10. Tits every time!

If you have a question for Nick please send it to and we will include them in the next Q&A session. please note some questions have been shortened.

I Need a Hero……….

Triston Finnis proved his tenacity and passion for live music over the weekend, bringing it to a field in front of hundreds of like-minded people. The Socially Distanced Festival organised by Twisted Melon Promotions was a refreshing and welcomed re-introduction to festival fever by audiences and performers alike. The excitement and electric atmosphere was palpable as festival goers soaked up the sun and music.

Backstage the performers turned up, strummed and tapped, eagerly waiting for their set time. The festival was organised to perfection, adhering to all social distancing and COVID-19 government guidelines. Nick was invited to the festival to continue his Rockumentary project with the talented Jon peach, whose set in the acoustic tent was a resounding success. Nick chatted backstage with Neville Staple and Roddy Radiation and the Ska Billy Rebels, both from the popular 1980s band ‘The Specials’. Saturday nights highlight,was witnessing Tom Lumley and the Brave Liaison,rock the crowd to a selection of their original alternative rock tracks. Nick captured the band in his unique rock ‘n’ roll style whilst they shook the stage and filled the air with electricity.

“ The Socially Distanced Festival was a resounding success. Hopefully many more to come. I give my full support to Triston Finnis and his team for sticking it out to make this work so well despite being subject to heavy flak during the whole process of putting it together. See you next year“. (Nick Elliott)

Thanks to Triston Finnis and Twisted Melon Promotions for proving that with these kind of organisational skills it is still viable to continue with these events,in a forgotten industry that has been left to fend for itself.