Grab Your Stetson With CMR Nashville

CMR NashvilleSo you’ve grabbed your Stetson, dusted off your cowboys boots and have groomed your….yes well…anyway, it’s here, the launch of the new limited edition collection of Americana artists ‘specially for Europe’s number 1 Country music station CMR Nashville.

The images, all limited to 500, include Rodney Crowell, Nanci Griffiths, Tift Merritt, Beth Neilsen Chapman, Nickel Creek and Laura Cantrell, amongst others. What are you waiting for? Take a look now….

Here’s what Lee Williams, CEO of CMR Nashville has to say about it all: “I am so excited to be able to offer my listeners exclusive limited edition images of their favourite artists taken by and signed by the UKs #1 music photographer Nick Elliott.”

Take a listen to their promo…

CMR Nashville commercial

Nick Rocks-up Country Artists

Shots of Country artists may not be what Nick is usually known for but he has taken some stunning images from that genres over the years as well. Some of these will be made avaiable for the first time ever, with the launch of the new limited edition Americana collection exclusively for the listeners of Europe’s number 1 Country radio station CMR Nashville.

Watch out on 15th May for ho-down!

Great Minds Think Alike

Radio Seagull

The launch of the new collection with our absolutely fabulous new partner Radio Seagull has arrived. Take a look at the utterly fab collection including Simple Minds, Pulp, Blondie, Lily Allen, Editors, The Zutons, Travis and more…

Sietse Brouwer, Managing Director, Radio Seagull, says it all: “One day while listening to Radio Seagull, you take a look at your unique ‘Elliott’ on your wall you might realise that is exactly the combination we had in mind when Nick and Radio Seagull teamed up. And when that day is there, know for sure we congratulate you on your excellent taste for quality.”

If that doesn’t convince you, listen to their promo…

Click to listen to the Radio Seagull promo

Rockin’ The Planet

Planet Rock

It’s here at last! We feel like we’ve been building to this date for such a long time….the launch of the utterly, monstrously rockin’ new Planet Rock collection!

Here’s what Jon Norman, Marketing Manager, Planet Rock, has to say about it all: “Planet Rock is about quality music and we work hard to bring quality products to our listeners – that’s why we’ve teamed up with acclaimed rock photographer Nick Elliott to produce an exclusive collection of classic rock heroes. Nick’s photography brings the music we play visually alive.”

So fans of classic rock,Whitesnake, Motorhead, Thunder, Robert Plant, Def Leppard, Status Quo, Jethro Tull and more awaits you…

New Americana Collection Planned

 CMR Nashville

There’s going to be another exclusive collection of images produced! This time of Americana artists especially for our newest partner CMR Nashville. Broadcasting all varieties of country music from their studios in England, the USA, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Canada and Brazil, these guys are the best radio station in this genre in Europe. Lots more to come on that one soon!

Brilliant New Affiliation

The date has been set for the launch of the fabulous new limited edition collection exclusively for the listeners of the terrific classic rock radio station Planet Rock.

Watch out on 23rd April for lift-off!

We’re Gonna Dance & Sing!

 Planet Rock

In the words of Led Zeppelin from Celebration Day: “We are gonna dance and sing.” And we are celebrating again today as we’ve just agreed another new affiliation partnership, this time with the UK’s classic rock station Planet Rock. The radio station for people who love classic rock, Planet Rock’s DJs include Alice Cooper, Rick Wakeman and Jo Bonamassa. Nick’ll be producing a limited edition collection of some of his heroes exclusively for their listeners. That’s rock and roll!

Radio Interviews Galore

Nick has been in demand for radio interviews a lot over the last few months so here he is in action on the legendary Radio Caroline: