Beautiful Bella

Continuing our TEN-A Decade In Images week in the run up to the Cambridge Folk Festival, here is what the lovely Bella Hardy has to say about it:

“Nick’s photographs capture a festival performance feeling which is so hard to put into words; it’s something primal, a feeling fuelled by adrenaline and fear and the way the crowd spurs you on.  It’s an honour to be included in his collection.” Bella Hardy

Rockabilly Richard

Continuing our TEN-A Decade In Images week in the run up to the Cambridge Folk Festival, here is what the fabulous ex-Pulp member, Richard Hawley, has to say about it:

“Proof that I do set up my own equipment! I like this picture – when all the bullshits done with, it’s good to be shown for what I am; a guitarist first and foremost. It was a real privilege to be asked to appear at Cambridge; it has a great history so it’s lovely to be a small part of that. And the audience were amazing – it was a special day for me.” Richard Hawley

Just Julie

Continuing our TEN-A Decade In Images week in the run up to the Cambridge Folk Festival, here is what the lovely Julie Fowlis has to say about it:

“This image instantly catapults me back to my younger days at Cambridge Folk Festival.  Heady days of fun, fear and the pure thrill of playing Cambridge as an artist in my own right. It brings back fond memories and I like the happy vibe that Nick has managed to capture here. It’s an honour to be included. Mo thaing dhut Nick. x” Julie Fowlis

Super Sharon

In the run up to the Cambridge Folk Festival, we thought we’d bring you a couple of images from Nick’s book Ten-A Decade In Images.

First up is the lovely Sharon Shannon:

I have had the good fortune to perform at Cambridge Festival many times since the early 90s and I have great  memories of each one. Nick’s book of photographs captures some of these memories and brings them to life once more. I am honoured to be included in such a brilliant line-up. Thanks Nick.” Sharon Shannon

Ten years in the making…and one year on!

With just a week to go until this year’s Cambridge Folk Festival, it seemed timely to celebrate Nick’s debut book TEN-A Decade In Images featuring images from the legendary event.

A year on from its launch, the book is produced by specialist rock publisher Rufus Stone Limited Editions in two versions of a hand-made, hard-backed book for collectors and lovers of Nick’s work to treasure.

Available in a standard edition of 1,000 with a choice of cover (Joan Baez or Robert Plant) and as an ultra-limited extended HARDKASES edition, limited to only 200 and individually signed by Nick himself, some copies of the books are still available.

If you’d like to purchase a copy, visit:

Mud, glorious mud!

Nick shoots The Darkness

You can see from the title that Nick has been wallowing in it recently – mud at festivals, that is!

Having said that, it’s been a strange year on the festival circuit with many of the rock festivals that Nick usually works with the bands, such as Sonisphere and High Voltage, buckling under the weight of these economic times and the Olympics.

But the show must go on, and it has been a busy time of late in the mud and darkness.

Roll on the summer!

UK Tour Enters Europe

Château Les Carrasses

Nick’s images are in high demand as limited edition pieces of fine art photography and collections are exhibited currently in galleries across the UK.

And now, for the first time, Nick’s images are going to be shown across the channel.

The unique album art and licensing specialists, Off Beat Lounge, has invited Nick to exhibit in its newly opened gallery located in the absolutely gorgeous Château Les Carrasses.

A 19th Century Wine Domaine in the Languedoc, South of France, the luxury venue is the perfect location for showcasing Nick’s images and will hopefully be the first of many galleries exhibiting overseas.

So, ‘UK Tour’ may not be too appropriate for much longer – we’ll have to start referring to European Tour instead!