Top 11 moments of 2011

At 11 …

…working with so many brilliant artists backstage at High Voltage, Sonisphere, Download, Camb Folk Fest..

In at 10…

…being commissioned to shoot Paul Rogers’ VIP gig with Planet Rock Radio at Under The Bridge in Chelsea.

At 9…

… Nick signing the artists’ piano at specialist music gallery St Pauls adding his name alongside the greats.

Up to number 8…

….Nick being selected amongst the few to shoot the mighty Metallica at Sonisphere!

At 7…

….Nick’s interview with the fabulous Sue Marchant on her BBC radio show Sue’s Big Night In.

In at 6…

….shooting backstage, onstage and frontstage with those bad boys of rock Thin Lizzy.

At 5…

…book signing of TEN – A Decade In Images at the Cambridge Folk Festival alongside Mark Radclffe.

In at number 4…

…starting the photographic documentary project of the one & only Mike Harding. More of that in 2012.

In at 3…

…being interviewed by BBC TV about the launch of TEN – A Decade In Images.

At number 2…

…Nick being mobbed for autographs and pictures with fans on his arrival at the Classic Rock Awards.

And coming in at number 1….

…the release of Nick’s debut book TEN – A Decade In Images.

Happy New Year everyone!

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