A signing for RAW

Nick signing

The collection of images for  RockArtWine festival (RAW) were delivered to Off Beat Lounge this week for delivery to the exhibition at Château Les Carrasses.

BrochuresBut that wasn’t the only preparation necessary.

Nick had to sign 125 collectors catalogues for the show featuring all the images at the event.

BrochuresRAW showcases the images from five of the world’s most revered rock photographers including: Aubrey Powell, Michael Spencer Jones, Dieter Zill, Denis O’Regan and, of course, Nick!

It was a long job to sign them all, but after a couple of hours, they were done and ready to join the images on the South of France. Lucky them!

Mark Overton (Off Beat Lounge) with Nick.

Mark Overton (Off Beat Lounge) with Nick.

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