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Nick with CAT, his publicist

Nick with CAT, his publicist

Avid followers of Nick, and certainly his clients and the media, will be aware that Nick has engaged professional PR services for many years to manage is reputation and press office.

In-house PR operations have been carried out for the last seven years by publicist, CAT, and, after tremendous success, will now be expanded by moving all PR and media relations under CAT’s own agency.

Nick explained: “I have been absolutely delighted with the excellent job CAT has done to date and it is a natural progression for her to now take my PR and media relations on under her own business label.

“This will enable her to provide me with an even better service than she has already done and I’m very much looking forward to continuing to work with her for many years to come.”

CAT specialises in providing marketing, PR and communications services to the arts and music industries and is also an experienced journalist. CAT commented: “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed representing such an iconic rock photographer as Nick as his PR agent for the past few years.

“This move will enable me to increase the level of service that I’m able to provide and will help equip Nick with the tools necessary for continuing a successful career in such a competitive environment.”

PR and media enquiries can now be directed to CAT directly at and, for more information about her and the services she offers, please visit her website and client press office at

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