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One of the more creative photographic areas that Nick is often asked to work in is the production of a photographic documentary and this year Nick is fortunate enough to be involved in two such projects.

The first is an intimate glimpse into the personal and professional life of Ed Graham, co-founder and drummer of rock band The Darkness until July last year, and drummer with heavy metal band Stone Gods.

Ed is currently working on a number of creative projects as well as recording with a new band and Nick will be documenting Ed’s journey throughout the year.

ed2Talking about creating the photo-doc, Nick said:

“I’m really enjoying this exciting project. I love the ‘looseness’ around shooting somebody’s life and being able to just take the work and run wherever it goes.

“Ed is such a fabulous subject and his life is at a really interesting junction. He has been trusting enough to invite me into his world and I’m looking forward to capturing some terrific images.”

“We’re telling a great story. We also have a lot of fun just working things through, it’s a bit of a blast.”

Already the project has delivered some outstanding images and there are plans to make them available to the public in the form of a book and exhibition next year.

Asked how Ed felt about the project, he commented:

“Initially, I found it really weird that somebody of Nick’s calibre wanted to do a photographic study of me but then I saw some of the brilliant work he’s done, he is such an amazing photographer.

“He’s made me look absolutely fantastic…and I’m really enjoying hanging out with the guys.”

We’ll bring you more news about that as it happens but, in the meantime, follow The Making Of…Ed Graham by Nick Elliott to watch how the project progresses.

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