Radio Ga Ga…

Time to tune in and turn up the radio.

Nicks radio shows are going from strength to strength as he can regularly be heard on SIREN FM with his toe tapping play lists.

Nicks regular show, ‘Sound and Nicks Vision”, produced by Alex Lewczuk, is now entering its 54th show, and will be aired in February 2020 on Siren FM. The 53rd Christmas special is due to be aired on New Years Day 2020, and is guaranteed to be a festive holiday treat, with a fantastic line up of some of Nicks favourite tracks.

Preceding the Christmas Holidays, Nick was invited to guest in at “Sound and Country Vision”, hosted by Tessa Snart. You can catch up with this show via Podbean at Southside Broadcasting. Listen to great country tracks sprinkled with fun conversation and a phone in from a special guest.

Fancy a “Night in with Nick Elliott”? Well, everyone is invited in the New Year as Nick gets his new show up and running with a collection of tracks that have been a massive influence on Nicks life, featuring celebrity guests and friends. So keep tuned in for more information on is exciting project for 2020.

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