His Last Gig…

It was a sad day on the 19th of November as the music world said good night to one of its most prolific and talented musicians since Jimi Hendrix.

Nick had the privilege to know Lloyd Watson personally, and to enjoy his music live around the venues of Peterborough in these early years.

Lloyd Watson held a special place in the heart of Peterborough, and his musical influences had far reaching effects to all those who heard him play. Lloyd was one of Nick’s earliest and greatest introductions to the music world, which contributed to his love of rock and passion for photography.

Nick was invited by Lloyds sister Norma Watson Palmer to celebrate her brothers monumental life, in what was called ‘His Last Gig’!

Hundreds of family and friends from across the UK and celebrity world, converged at Peterborough Cathedral to pay tribute to this iconic figure and a private wake, the tributes continued through musical interludes, as friends and family played Lloyds music as a reminder of his genius and talent.

Elliot Watson, Taught by his father Lloyd to play the guitar, ripped up the stage in a fitting an emotional tribute. One thing is for certain that his father’s talent and raw passion will live on for a long time in Elliot.

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