The Marmalade spreads great music…

A cold, wet, dark evening was decidedly warmed up as Nick met up for supper with four great friends at a pub in Skegness.

It’s been awhile since Nick has seen Sandy and John Newman, but the re-connection of these close friends was evident over a couple of JD’s, in the surroundings of a cosy pub.The friendly chatter didn’t last long as an 8 pm “Sensational 60s” gig, at the famous Butlins in Skegness, took the men away from the open fire.

Once backstage Sandy Newman, John Newman, Alan Holmes, Chris North, and Jan Robinson Prepared to wow the crowds.

This was the last tour date for The Marmalade until September, when they are back on the road again.

Whilst Herman’s Hermits could be heard on stage, The Marmalade we’re up to the usual shenanigans backstage with Nick.

After a quick change, the dressing room was filled with the sounds of strumming guitars, loosening up a vocal chords, harmonica playing and laughter.

Once on stage The Marmalade did not disappoint. Taking the crowd back to the swinging 60s with a superb set list, executed with absolute perfection and charismatic showmanship.

Nick weaved his way backstage, on stage and front of stage, to capture this wonderful show in his true rock ‘n’ roll style.

Navigating the 3000+ audience, Nick bumped into two of his long time fine art collectors who were thrilled to meet him.

Two encores later The Marmalade were backstage, still singing and playing for a privilege Nick, who was pictorially documenting this unique insight. But all too soon it was back out into the cold night.

Nick is looking forward to catching up with these wonderful guys later on in the year

“It’s always a wonderful privilege to spend time with my dear friends Sandy and John”

Let’s do another greenroom raid soon!

Nick Elliott Rock Art Photographer 

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