Lonely Man – A Concept…

Nick is flexing his creative muscles and the camera lenses in yet another new conceptual fine art project.

The last two years have seen Nick unleashed from his artistic constraints and creatively set free in the sea of imagination and ingenuity.


” Lonely man“ is a creation that was born from the inner recesses of Nick Elliott’s mind, inspired by his personal feelings of total miss comprehension and perception of his art and thoughts over the years.

” No one has really ever understood me, even from a small child. Recently I feel I have been liberated artistically, which is extremely refreshing“


” Lonely man“ find’s Nick in front of the lens again, directing this series of portraits to produce a visionary, evocative and exciting set of fine art images.
“ my whole soul is laid bare in these images, and it feels totally exhilarating“

Nick Elliott Rock Art Photographer…

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