Q & A Time With Nick Elliott…

Got a Question for Nick?

He will answer it in his typical Rock n’ Roll style with no holds barred.


1. Who was the main inspiration for your art?

” My Dad! and of course the legend that is David Bailey. Dad brought me my first camera and fanned my passion for photography. David Bailey showed me what could be achieve and how I needed to push boundaries”

2. Do you prefer film or digital photography?

Each method has it’s own values. Film can be more unpredictable and you do really have to know your stuff to shoot a good film image , with shutter speeds, exposure, etc. Digital is instant, requires less expertise, but it possible to achieve a different feel.

3.How many bands have you worked with?

“Too many to name them all. Everyone from Blondie, Metallica, Alice Cooper, Motorhead, Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey the list goes on.

4. What is your favourite image so far?

“I don’t know, I’ve not taking it yet. I’m always striving for perfection and bettering my art I need to move the line, to make a mark”

5. What has been the most difficult shoot you’ve ever done?

“Probably all those shots while I was working in advertising, big commissions that could take days to set and light, before I had even pressed the shutter.

Please send all your questions to Nick Elliott’s P.R at benicebond@icloud.com and we will feature them in the next article.


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