A Night In With Nick Elliott…

Following the upgrade and refurbishment of elliottstudios the studio is now up and running to it’s full potential, with state of the art equipment to produce ‘A Night In With Nick Elliott’ and’ The Country Rock Show with Nick Elliott.

“I’m really so excited by the concept and content of “A Night In.” My vision for the show was a stylish Manhattan apartment overlooking the New York skyline , late at night, with a drink and some sexy music just washing over you in the darkness.”

Nick Elliott Rock Art Photographer…

Nick’s inspiration for the show was born from an early age, late nights under the covers listening to pirate radio stations, Radio Caroline and Radio Luxembourg. More recently American FM Radio stations particularly Radio Paradise have fuelled his vision to recreate these important times.

“The show has evolved since it began. It has become more stylish and seductive. I want listeners to relax and come on a journey with me in the crook of my arm.”

Nick Elliott Rock Art Photographer…

“The new style show will feature a predominately an all Amercian playlist like no other, sprinkled with interviews from music artists and stories from me and my friends. The kind of tunes I’ll be playing will be the music to get lost in, to make love to, to relax to, it will flow through you, it will remind you that life is good.”

Nick Elliott Rock Art Photographer…

“The Country Rock Show With Nick Elliott “is an completely new show and is a collaboration with my dear friend and Amercian agent Lee Williams.”

Nick Elliott Rock Photographer…

CMR Nashville Radio Station , owned by Lee Williams will co produce ‘The Country Rock Show’ and it will broadcast to over 68 counties worldwide including the UK and USA. The show will be recorded at elliottstudios and bring a fusion of Amercian Country Rock and English Rock in the unique style of Nick Elliott.

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