It was with immense pride that Chris Moore, one of Nick’s closest friends and radio co-presenter, has chosen Nick to write the forward to his latest publication brimming with personal poetry penned over a life -time.

Chris Moore and Nick

Chris and Nick first met over eight years ago, whilst co-hosting a radio show together. Their mutual love of music and shared bizarre sense of humour cemented their friendship, which has become stronger over the years, as each of them have excelled in their own creative work.

“ Nick, like myself , is a creator: he with the photographic image and me with the written word. We are good friends on an identical mission in that respect, so who better to ask to write the forward to my anthology? Nick is a respected and influential expert in his field and to have his endorsement of my work offers gravitas to it beyond my wildest dreams, and means the world to me.” (Chris Moore)

Chris has written several well received books but his latest offering entitled Mrs Jay Meets The Creation Ratio, brings together a selection of poetry written over the course of this life, the earliest entry, when he was just seven years old. The book contains hundreds of thought provoking poetry, covering copious subjects written in various forms to enthral the reader, immersing them into the most inner sanctum of a genius writer’s mind. Designed to make its reader fall in love with poetry, to inspire, and provide enjoyment of the written word, it does just that.

Both Nick and Chris share a creative passion, and their two art forms are as entwined as their friendship. Nick’s fine art images can be seen as a poem without words and Chris’s poetry portrays an image within the reader’s mind. Each using different techniques to guide it’s viewer and reader into a creative chasm of self discovery and interpretation.

Two friends, two art forms, two creatives.

After a humbling self reflection of their friendship, Nick put pen to paper for the forward to this wonderful book, which will be published and on sale this summer.

“ I was deeply honoured that Chris asked me to write the forward for his anthology. It was a complete privilege. Our friendship remains one of the most important things in my life, and always will.” (Nick Elliott)

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