Hardly started Mike Harding

Yesterday saw the start of the study project of the BBC presenter and folk/comedy genius that is the wonderful Mike Harding.

It’s been in the planning stages for some time, but Nick kicked the project off with some backstage shots of Mike chilling in his green room before his performance at The Little Theatre in Leicester.


After shadowing him all night, there are plenty of cracking shots both on and off-stage to choose from to represent this side of Mike’s multi-faceted life.

We’re next catching up with Mike later in his tour in Nottingham next month.  If you’re there, don’t forget to say ‘hi’.

To book tickets to see Mike, visit: Mike on tour

Route A149

We don’t usually bring you news of every photographic shoot that Nick’s involved in (there’d be too many and we thought you’d get a bit bored!).  But the latest shoot was a little different…

Nick has worked with country-folk/rock, singer songwriter, Lesley Curtis throughout her career and decided she’d make a fabulous subject for some concept work.

So whilst shooting the new cover for her latest album, he took the chance to take work through some other ideas.

The weather was great, the location was the North Norfolk coast, and the shoot was just awesome.

A great day was had by all…


BBC Look East

Nick was interviewed from the Cambridge Folk Festival by BBC TV for their Look East programme to talk about his debut book TEN-A Decade In Images.

Here’s another chance to watch part of it:

Backstage, onstage, it’s every stage with Thin Lizzy!

Planet Rock’s competition winner Matt Brand enjoyed a photography tutorial with Nick shooting Thin Lizzy backstage and onstage at High Voltage Festival.

First up was the backstge shoot where Nick showed Matt how to set up a quick press shot of the band…

Nick introduces Matt to Thin Lizzy


Nick directs Thin Lizzy

Nick and Matt shoot Thin Lizzy

And then it’s onstage…

Onstage with Thin Lizzy

Even Less Sleep in Nashville

Media coverage: Fine City Magazine

No Sleep In Nashville

Media coverage: Fine City Magazine

No Sleep Since Nashville


Nashville is a long, long way away, as Nick has just found out! Straight from shooting for a week in Music City, attending show-biz parties and working on the CMA awards, he’s now back in the UK with a heap of post production and a book full of orders.

No sleep yet, though, as there is the opening of his exhibition Just This Side of Sane on Friday, so more Champaign and nibbles. Can you have too much of the good life we ask ourselves?