More Artists Praise TEN And Nick’s Images

Thanks to ex-Pulp member Richard Hawley and Cambridge Folk Festival star Bella Hardy for your fabulous quotes for TEN-A Decade In Images:

“Nick’s photographs capture a festival performance feeling which is so hard to put into words; it’s something primal, a feeling fuelled by adrenaline and fear and the way the crowd spurs you on.  It’s an honour to be included in his collection.” Bella Hardy

“Proof that I do set up my own equipment! I like this picture – when all the bullshits done with, it’s good to be shown for what I am; a guitarist first and foremost. It was a real privilege to be asked to appear at Cambridge; it has a great history so it’s lovely to be a small part of that. And the audience were amazing – it was a special day for me.” Richard Hawley

Only 18 days to go the book launch and counting.  If you’re yet to order your book, hot foot it down to publisher Rufus Stone now

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