Nick Has Crazy Love


Nick in action shooting Charlie Evans on set of Crazy Love.

Last year we brought you news about Nick being invited to guest in a music video for musician Gary Curtis at Pinewood Studios, the legendary venue that has played host to many huge productions over the years from the Carry On series and Superman to the James Bond film series.

As well as a cameo in Gary’s Christmas video If Every Day Was Like Christmas, Nick had a special guest appearance in Gary’s latest video, Crazy Love, along with actress Charlie Evans.

Talking about inviting Nick to appear in the video, Gary Curtis said: “Always a joy to work with and great to have around the set, Nick’s personality shines. Thanks Nick, it’s a great compliment to me that you are in my videos.”

We’ve already brought you a peep behind the scenes of making Crazy Love, now we’re delighted to bring you the final video. Check it out…

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