Alone On Christmas


Nick is becoming a bit of a regular at Pinewood Studios performing cameo appearances in the videos for singer Gary Curtis.

Gary’s latest single, Alone On Christmas, has just been release and includes extended scenes to create a short film around a zombie breakout.

Nick stars alongside Gary Ashburn, Sally Geeson (Carry On/Bless This House), and Jerome Blake (Star Wars) as one of the scientists brought in to help contain the attack but doesn’t avoid being infected himself.

It is a fabulous light-hearted short film so take a look and watch at 0.23, 1.16, 2.31, 2.50 and 2.57 for Nick!

Watch Alone On Christmas on YouTube

2 Comments on “Alone On Christmas

  1. Great Nick! ,you look good, like the saxophone player very good. One for your books.of memories.Mr Dudley.

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