The women behind Elliott studios. Part one

As the saying goes, ‘ behind every great man…’

Here at Elliott studios, Nick‘s team play an important role in ensuring every aspect of the studio runs smoothly, and to perfection.Nick appreciates his team so much that he wanted and you to know a little bit about them, and what makes them so special.


Raffaella Clementi

Raffy (49), lives in Roma Italy, and met Nick six years ago on Twitter.

“ I didn’t know who he was or what he did, we were just two people who had a mutual respect for each other”. (Raffy)

Rafi and Nick became firm friends over the years. Rafi began to appreciate and value nicks artwork. She began to collect next work and owns an extensive collection of his fine art and limited edition books.

It wasn’t long before Nick saw an opportunity for Raffy to help organise his European fine art market, and together they created the Nick Elliott Italian page.

“Nick thought I was the right person to help him and I agreed to do it. I’m very proud to call myself part of the Elliott studio team. Although sometimes I’m a total mess at the job! I’ve never use social media so much!” (Raffy)

Raffy takes her role very seriously but confesses she finds it difficult sometimes to understand some aspects of the rock ‘n’ roll world of Nick Elliott.

“I’m learning slowly, working with Nick is challenging but also very interesting and fascinating. His head is like an ever erupting volcano and I love his continuous explosions of art. But she can be very impatient at times!“. (Raffy)

Raffy helps organise European sales of Nicks fine art and the interpretation of negotiations between European galleries and the studio, that are in the process of hanging Nicks upcoming exhibitions.

Raffy has travelled extensively around the USA, Madagascar, Europe, Mexico, Brazil and the Philippines. Her love of music and the old films is nearly as great as her passion for writing, drawing, cooking and walking by the sea. Raffy has an established nursing career within the Italian health care system.

“ I love Nicks art. Over the years it has captivated my heart. I admire his passion, his heart and the sensitivity and energy that he puts into his art. It brings out many emotions. (Raffy)

“Raffy is a very valuable member of the team. Her contribution makes this work so well. (Nick Elliott)

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