The women behind Elliott studios. Part two.

>As the saying goes behind every great man…

Here at Elliott studios ,Nicks team play an important role in ensuring every aspect of the studio runs smoothly and to perfection. Nick appreciates his team so much that he wanted you to know a little bit more about them, and what makes them so special.



Annie (60), plays a prominent role in the contribution of all aspects regarding the UK Team. Her key role is Nick‘s personal assistant and is proving to keep her very busy indeed.

“I’m always there when he needs me. I maintain the diary, write emails, and help him with anything he needs.” (Annie)

In the past Annie has had the priceless opportunity to assist Nick on some of his location shoots and Nick has taught her valuable lessons in the post production process. Annie is in the process of setting up her own radio show for her hometown of Leicester, which will definitely be worth tuning into.

“ Nick has asked my opinion on playlist for the radio shows, which is great fun!“

Elliott studios have extensive networks within the social media arena which Annie is responsible for maintaining, to ensure they reach the high standards that the Elliott studios command, and researches all the vital information that is required for the smooth day-to-day running of the business. She liaises between UK and international galleries regarding Nicks previous and upcoming fine art projects.

Annie has a diverse and colourful academic and vocational history, Starting her journey at British telecom in the drawing office, she then studied mechanical engineering and trained at the code breaking Bletchley Park. Annie now passes on her essential academic and life skills to others within her role as a teaching assistant.

“ It’s such a rewarding job knowing I have contributed to a persons education, it gives me great satisfaction”. (Annie)

When Annie is not dedicating herself to others, she devotes herself to her many varied hobbies. Her main passion is her art, using all mediums, and photography.

She loves her garden and it attracts many of the local Leicester wildlife. A family of foxes regular visit and are unusually tame around Annie. Her extended wildlife family have featured in The Leicester Mercury. Annie plays an important part on Leicester local radio and can often be heard reviewing newspapers and interviewing for the BBC. Norfolk holds an important place in Annies heart, from childhood to adulthood she has spent many Idyllic times on the north Norfolk coast. Nick and Annie have known each other for nine years and met through social media.

“We have tons in common and have become very close friends, and have been there for one another through some very dark times”. (Annie)

Writing and expression is very important to Annie and she has kept a journal for 11 years now. She is also in the process of writing Nicks autobiography.

“ It helps that Nick and I know each other really well. We know how each other tick. Artistically we are on the same lines too. When he asked me to be his PA it was an easy decision to make. We communicate brilliantly with each other and I understand the art behind his projects“. (Annie)

However, sometimes it’s not all roses working with the demands of Nick.

“He likes everything just so, I have to be totally up-to-date with everything. His worst trait is that he is terrible with directions, I’ve had to guide him somewhere on many occasions”. (Annie)

Annie has invested her time and effort into Elliott studios to help make it what it is today.

“Working with the team at Elliott studios and being Nick‘s friend is so rewarding.”

Elliott studios are developing many new and exciting projects that Annie is proud to be part of.

“There are many the Elliott studios are working on at the moment. We have the commissioned fine art photography, TV documentary, the autobiography and the new art projects that I’ve been nothing like Nick has ever done before. Nick is a true gentleman and very caring. He’s just great!.” (Annie)

“ I consider Annie to be a very valuable member of the team. She brings some very valuable talents to Elliot studios. Running the social media platforms and for everything that she does for me , she is second to none”. ( Nick Elliott)

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