An evening with a gentle man…

Nick bid a fond farewell to the gentleman of country folk, Charlie Landsborough during his farewell tour.

The evening was filled with absolute quality music, peppered with the amusing anecdotes and jokes in the singers unique soft dulcet Liverpudlian tones.

After the show Nick caught up with Charlie and his wife Selma, backstage to discuss what plans they had for retirement and a few farewell shots.

“Charlie is one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure to meet in the music business. He is such a great showman who has entertained us with his wonderful music for many years. He will be missed on the showbiz circuit”

Nick Elliott Rock Art Photographer

His Last Gig…

It was a sad day on the 19th of November as the music world said good night to one of its most prolific and talented musicians since Jimi Hendrix.

Nick had the privilege to know Lloyd Watson personally, and to enjoy his music live around the venues of Peterborough in these early years.

Lloyd Watson held a special place in the heart of Peterborough, and his musical influences had far reaching effects to all those who heard him play. Lloyd was one of Nick’s earliest and greatest introductions to the music world, which contributed to his love of rock and passion for photography.

Nick was invited by Lloyds sister Norma Watson Palmer to celebrate her brothers monumental life, in what was called ‘His Last Gig’!

Hundreds of family and friends from across the UK and celebrity world, converged at Peterborough Cathedral to pay tribute to this iconic figure and a private wake, the tributes continued through musical interludes, as friends and family played Lloyds music as a reminder of his genius and talent.

Elliot Watson, Taught by his father Lloyd to play the guitar, ripped up the stage in a fitting an emotional tribute. One thing is for certain that his father’s talent and raw passion will live on for a long time in Elliot.

A Day out in Norwidge….

When Nick met up with Earl Slick in Norwich in November, there was a quick lesson on the pronunciation of Norwich and the history of Coleman’s Mustard. Slick was in town for one of his sell out Q&A UK tours, “Slicky Speaks”, so Nick took the opportunity to spend the day with his friend and catch his evening show.

The pair got up to their usual mischief pre-show, causing havoc on the streets of Norwich.

Slick,’s shows have become a resounding success, regaling tales of his life, tribulations and anecdotes, keeping audiences enthralled around the UK.

Slick is expected back in the UK in spring so expect more shenanigans from our favourite pair.

“It’s always a great pleasure to catch up with such a wonderful friend”

Nick Elliott Rock Art Photographer

Country Rocks…

Nicks new country rock radio show is due to be aired in the early part of 2020. Nick is working hard preparing play lists for these packed, 1 hour long, country rock shows. It will be aired on CMR Nashville in association with Lee Williams.

“I’m extremely excited about the Country Rock Show, and

the wonderful opportunity of working with Lee Williams

of CMR Nashville. It’s really going to rock”

Nick Elliott Rock Art Photographer

Radio Ga Ga…

Time to tune in and turn up the radio.

Nicks radio shows are going from strength to strength as he can regularly be heard on SIREN FM with his toe tapping play lists.

Nicks regular show, ‘Sound and Nicks Vision”, produced by Alex Lewczuk, is now entering its 54th show, and will be aired in February 2020 on Siren FM. The 53rd Christmas special is due to be aired on New Years Day 2020, and is guaranteed to be a festive holiday treat, with a fantastic line up of some of Nicks favourite tracks.

Preceding the Christmas Holidays, Nick was invited to guest in at “Sound and Country Vision”, hosted by Tessa Snart. You can catch up with this show via Podbean at Southside Broadcasting. Listen to great country tracks sprinkled with fun conversation and a phone in from a special guest.

Fancy a “Night in with Nick Elliott”? Well, everyone is invited in the New Year as Nick gets his new show up and running with a collection of tracks that have been a massive influence on Nicks life, featuring celebrity guests and friends. So keep tuned in for more information on is exciting project for 2020.

Nick’s a Christmas Cracker…

It’s that time of year again when everyone is full of turkey and chocolate, the recycle bins are full of Christmas paper and we are waiting to celebrate the start of a brand new year. So what does this time of year mean to Nick? An exciting cameo role in Gary Curtis’ Christmas charity single video. An event that Nick always looks forward to, and this year was no exception.

Many old and new friends converged at The Piano Bar, Smithfields , for a full day of shooting. Written and directed by the great Gary Curtis, this years offering is one of the best yet.

Jim Groom from Ivory Tower Productions assisted Gary in bringing this Christmas treat to our screens, featuring Caroline Munro, Johnny Kinkade, Jerome Blake, Alan Fullard… Les Malloy and Lee Williams to name just a few of its stars.

As 2019 gently draws to a close, Nick Elliott would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year filled with peace and love.

“It’s been an incredible year and a year of monumental change. I would like to thank all the wonderful people that have taken time to support the Nick Elliott Brand, and all my friends for their continued support.

Nick Elliott rock art photographer

Nick’s limited-edition trilogy of rock books.

Hundreds of never before seen images to be featured in a trilogy of books produced by Nick Elliott.

Nick is collaborating hundreds of archived images, that have never been exposed to the public, to be featured in his new trilogy of.fine art rock photographic books.

These three pieces of artwork reflect a lifetime of creativity and represent a visual historical account of how classic rock bands have metamorphosed over the years, through the eyes and the lens of nick elliott.

The books will be available to purchase through the Nick Elliott online shopping early next year.

“I’ve seen many changes over the years, some good and some bad but the demise of the classic rock band has to be the saddest”

Nick Elliott rock art photographer…