Nick and Slick…


Nick’s long-standing project with Earl Slick is nearing its completion.  For the last four years Nick has been shooting Earl for a fine art book containing candid and performance shots of this music legend.


Earl, David Bowie‘s lead guitarist who toured with him for several years, takes the opportunity to hook up with Nick when he’s over from the USA, to continue the project.

Nick’s fine art photographic book will be released early next year in conjunction with Earl’s autobiography published by Penguin, depicting his work with the musical heavyweights such as John Lennon and the New York dolls.


“ Throughout the time of working with this Legendury artist we have become very close friends and I consider this an absolute pleasure and honour to have had this opportunity to work with this great player“
Nick Elliott rock art photographer…


Dark side of Nick Elliott’s mind….

9503FA56-035E-475B-9DC1-A3D72CD4014E Over the past 18 months Nick has been exploring a revolutionary art project set to take the photographic fine art world by storm, with an innovational look into the dark side of his mind.

“I’ve taken my creativity to another level. This is totally different to anything I’ve ever done before. I have developed emotionally, physically and personally, it’s kinda liberating really”

Nick Elliott

Nick has explored what makes him tick, and delved into his innermost personal thoughts to capture this innovating concept through the medium of photography, creating exquisite thought-provoking pieces of art.

Nicks images depict his extremely personal neoteric, harrowing conceptions and the restlessness of his creative mind.  Shocking but compulsive viewing.

These images are expected to be exhibited alongside his loss project in selected galleries around London and Europe next year.

I’ve been away just a little too long…

But I’m back now!!


We are back!

Well yes it’s true we’re back!
I know it’s been sometime since there’s been any stories about Nick and his work up here on the press office site but we apologise for this there’s been massive changes here at elliottstudios… Nick has replaced some of his old team with new team members and it’s all now up and running and ready to go.
Watch this space for more new stories about Nick and his work exhibitions, projects, et cetera coming very very soon…..
There’s been an awful lot happening!

Sound and Nick’s Vision – Volume 47

Volume 47 of Nick’s radio show, Sound and Nick’s Vision, aired on the award-winning radio station Siren 107.3 FM.

Nick and Alex Lewczuk were joined by Su Roys to chat about some of Nick’s favourite tracks for April.

Sound and Nick’s Vision – Volume 46

Volume 46 of Nick’s radio show, Sound and Nick’s Vision, aired on the award-winning radio station Siren 107.3 FM.

Nick and Alex Lewczuk were joined by Su Roys to chat about some of Nick’s favourite tracks to welcome in the Spring.

Sound and Country Vision

At the end of last year, Nick was invited to co-present a classic country and rock Christmas Special with Tessa Snart  and guests The Rising and Barney Packer.

So, if you missed it, take a listen now: