Much needed changes taking place at elliottstudios, all in the capable hands of the elliottstudios team, We have transformed the website into a real visual treat. The press office has been replaced with the Nick Elliott Official page, To bring a refreshing new look. And Nick has been very busy updating his portfolio and adding new collections of fine art photographic work many of these images are previously unseen and taken from Nicks personal archival collection..

All One off pieces of fine art.

Hundreds of new images can be viewed in the online shop @

Nick has been working incredibly hard on several conceptual art projects, soon to be showcased in a selection of fine art galleries across the UK, Europe and the USA..

If you can’t get to an exhibition don’t worry, the projects will be released in a sealed XXX fine art book due for release sometime early next year 2021

It really is not for the faint hearted……

“ I would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone at elliottstudios for making the rebranding the best it’s ever been in preparing the whole Nick Elliott brand for a new future.

The rebranding and upgrade of the website has been a particularly busy time for the elliottstudios team. And Nick would like to thank them all for their tireless commitment and hard work”

Nick Elliott Rock Art photographer.

Pandemic on the Dancefloor…

The COVID-19 Pandemic has derailed the music business causing destructive soundwaves Ripling out and destroying years of music workers livelihoods.

Nick has voiced his concern on the ensuing Pandemic and the long-standing effects it will have on the live music business and his friends within it. “ the Pandemic has ground the U.K.’s multi million pound music business to a halt, causing catastrophic knock on affect to everyone associated within the industry. Not only affecting artists but record labels, independent recording companies, freelancers, venues, festivals and agents. This year could change the face of the music industry for ever”

Nick Elliott Rock Art photographer

Thousands of festivals and tours have been cancelled or postponed leaving creatives and their fans feeling uncertainty for the future. The music and entertainment industry relies on their heavily freelance creative workforce. The loss of their income, usually for completed work only, may force many creatives out of the industry forever. Many talented people could find themselves redeployed into vocations that do not represent their talents, which will be a total loss for the UK’s music industry.

“ I’m particularly worried about the new aspiring musical acts who rely on live music festivals and tours to showcase their talents and get a footing on the music ladder many talented artists may go undiscovered“

The rise of music streaming, virtual live shows, podcasts and FB streaming is encouraging and many have found innovative ways to keep the music live and to keep fans listening.

Nick Elliott Rock Art Photographer

“ I think that once we come out of the other side of this, the music industry will experience a boom. If artists and their associated workers can survive this brief period of hardship there is a potential for the music industry to begin to thrive again as fans flock back to the music scene.

Life without music is like a life without love“

Nick Elliott Rock Photographer

Dead Reynolds, Dead Good…

Dead Reynolds were one of the new up-and-coming Inspiring acts playing at the Dukes Head Ballroom, Kings Lynn’s Marketplace on Saturday the 22nd February.

Nick could not resist the invitation to pop along to meet up with the guys and peruse the new talent. Callum (Lead Vocals), Ben (Bass Guitar), Dom (Lead Guitar), Luke (Rhythm Guitar), and the band’s drummer Luke, collectively known as Dead Reynolds have been together for just two years, but the chemistry and the talent that Oozes from their performance is indisputable.

The event hosted by Triston Finnis Owner of Twisted Melon Promotions, showcased 10 new musical acts that wowed the audience.

Although this years Kings Lynn festival Too has been unfortunately postponed, next years event will be better than ever. The festival also promoted by Twisted Melon Promotions, will feature a ‘Battle of the Bands’ event and our very own Nick has been invited onto the judging panel. Hopefully Dead Reynolds will find time in their busy schedule to give the crowd a musical treat as they did last year.

If you can’t wait that long, catch the new single ‘Line’s’ on YouTube.

Triston’s five-star alternative and new music radio show can be heard weekly, belting out some superb tunes on KLFM Loaded with Triston on 96.7fm.

Nick Pictured with the band Dead Reynolds…

So put a date in next years diary for Kings Lynn’s Festival Too and catch up with Nick and a few friends.
“Triston’s Commitment to putting on one of King’s Lynn best festivals will be missed this year, so let’s all support next years Festival Too and make it the best yet”

Nick Elliott Rock Art Photographer.

Q & A Time With Nick Elliott…

Got a Question for Nick?

He will answer it in his typical Rock n’ Roll style with no holds barred.


1. Who was the main inspiration for your art?

” My Dad! and of course the legend that is David Bailey. Dad brought me my first camera and fanned my passion for photography. David Bailey showed me what could be achieve and how I needed to push boundaries”

2. Do you prefer film or digital photography?

Each method has it’s own values. Film can be more unpredictable and you do really have to know your stuff to shoot a good film image , with shutter speeds, exposure, etc. Digital is instant, requires less expertise, but it possible to achieve a different feel.

3.How many bands have you worked with?

“Too many to name them all. Everyone from Blondie, Metallica, Alice Cooper, Motorhead, Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey the list goes on.

4. What is your favourite image so far?

“I don’t know, I’ve not taking it yet. I’m always striving for perfection and bettering my art I need to move the line, to make a mark”

5. What has been the most difficult shoot you’ve ever done?

“Probably all those shots while I was working in advertising, big commissions that could take days to set and light, before I had even pressed the shutter.

Please send all your questions to Nick Elliott’s P.R at and we will feature them in the next article.


Post Apocalyptic 55th Edition of Sound and Nick’s vision…

As rare as toilet rolls and hand sanitisers, the 55th addition of Sound and Nicks Vision is a priceless diamond.
Once again Nick has chosen soundtracks that deliver an audio treat to its listers with show producer Alex Lewczuk.


The pair find them self self isolating in the SirenFM Broadcasting studio, not to quell the Covid 19 Infection curve.
The duo are also discussing a possible one off  70’s two hour special, so keep your ear to the radio for further information.

To listen to the podcast go to where you can listen to all 54 shows again….. make sure you DO!!!

Recording the 54th Edition of sound and Nick’s vision…


A Favourite with all the SirenFM listeners, the 54th edition of Sound and Nick’s Vision was recorded in Lincoln with the Oracle that is Alex Lewczuk.

Not only will you be delighted by the fantastic music delivered smoothly through your electrical devices, but the trivia and social distancing tips are extremely informative and probably life-saving.
Great music choices by Nick and Alex accumulate in one foot tapping feel good show.

Sound and Nick’s vision will be aired on Thursday, the 26th of March at 7 pm on SirenFM Radio..

make sure you’re there and don’t be late!!

Or to listen to the podcast again go to where you can listen to all 54 shows again…. Hope you enjoy!

A day out with Nick and the girls…

Nick has been busy on another conceptual fine art photographic project, that will raise some eyebrows.


A total step away from his rock art photography, this new project is a series of images that represents the falseness, and delusion of modern day society.
“ A day out with Nick, Delia and Amelia“ finds Nick once again in front of the camera, and in bed with two surprisingly up and coming models, Delia and Amelia, who Nick has got to know very well over this last year.


“ The girls and I have got to be quite good friends over the last year. I’m very excited about this particular photographic project, it’s going to lift the lid right off the sweet jar big time.”

Nick Elliott Rock Art Photographer

Lonely Man – A Concept…

Nick is flexing his creative muscles and the camera lenses in yet another new conceptual fine art project.

The last two years have seen Nick unleashed from his artistic constraints and creatively set free in the sea of imagination and ingenuity.


” Lonely man“ is a creation that was born from the inner recesses of Nick Elliott’s mind, inspired by his personal feelings of total miss comprehension and perception of his art and thoughts over the years.

” No one has really ever understood me, even from a small child. Recently I feel I have been liberated artistically, which is extremely refreshing“


” Lonely man“ find’s Nick in front of the lens again, directing this series of portraits to produce a visionary, evocative and exciting set of fine art images.
“ my whole soul is laid bare in these images, and it feels totally exhilarating“

Nick Elliott Rock Art Photographer…

“ Playing to people sitting down is a new experience for me” Ed Graham…

There is an unlikely jewel nestling on the Suffolk/Norfolk border, that only a few select people have discovered.

Club Uniquity Is Suffolks jewel in the crown. The converted barn, in the grounds of the Dukes head public house at Somerleyton, hosts a selection of varied musical acts on the last Friday of every month.

Somerleyton’s Club Uniquity is proving to be the cornucopia of Suffolk.

Inside the heart of Club Uniquity , the decor of comfortable sofas and twinkling fairy lights, create a cosy, intimate ambience between the audience and the acts on stage.

Above the stage in proud lettering is the mantra “This club was built with love”, and once you walk in you can definitely feel that love, in the very mortar that holds the bricks together.

Nick took the opportunity to experience the delights of Club Uniquity for himself and to catch up with Ed Graham and his new band. The Cryptids consist of Ed on drums, Andy Martin vocals and bass guitar, and Lyle Ferris lead vocals and lead guitar. They rocked the club to it’s very core, delighting the crowds with Lyles unique lead vocals and Ed’s skilful drumming techniques.

Nick took some time with The Cryptids after their set, to sit and relax, and discuss the bands next venue. Of course some shots of Nick and the band were taken.

“The Cryptids absolutely nailed it. They have a fantastic sound. Watch

this space. The Cryptids are definitely going places”.

. Nick Elliott’ rock art photographer…

Nick is nearing the completion of a previous long-running project with the charismatic Ed Graham. A selection of candid and performance images, documenting Ed Graham’s personal and professional life over the last four years is set to be published in a fine art photographic book.

“It’s Been a wonderful project. Ed is such an interesting character

and a great friend. We have had some fun together on this project”

Nick elliott rock art photographer…

“We ran out of Charley four years ago!”

Ed Graham

Experience The Cryptids for yourself on the 14th of April where they will be appearing at The Brickmakers, Norwich, supporting 96 Bitter Beings. Come along and catch up with Nick too

Oi Oi…

Derek ‘The Draw’ hussey and the Blockheads hit us all with the Rhythm Sticks at the Norwich Arts Centre, during a fantastic performance that had the wall to wall crowd on their feet.

Mick Gallagher had invited Nick to come along and spend some time with the Blockheads, and to shoot some of the show.

Nick has seen the guys a couple of times since working with them on there “Where’s The Party” album cover and promo shots way back in 2003. But hadn’t had much of a chance to catch up with Mick and the guys since.

So this turned out to be a total treat!

The Blockheads did not fail to entertain. Derek the Draw Front man, thrilled the crowds, Norman Watt-Roy played his usual enigmatic style and Mick trashed it out on the ivories.

Working their way through a fabulous set list of endless hits and classic tracks from some of the best albums made in the past 40 years.

After the show, Nick caught up with all of the other Blockheads for a much deserved drink. And to commemorate the 50th anniversary of The release of their single “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick” Nick then managed to get a pair of signed drumsticks by all the members of the band to commemorate the anniversary.

A fabulous piece of Blockheads memorabilia…

“Ive been hit by the Blockheads Rhythm Stick since I first heard them in 1972. They are a phenomenal band always were and always will be still as fresh now as they were then totally wonderful”

Nick Elliott Rock Art Photographer