Sound and Nick’s Vision – Volume 31

Volume 31 of Nick’s radio show, Sound and Nick’s Vision, aired on the award-winning radio station Siren 107.3 FM on 14 September.

Nick and Alex Lewczuk were joined by producer CAT to chat about some of Nick’s favourite tracks including: Rolling Stones, The Who,  Mamas Papas, and Byrdsamongst others.

In case you missed it airing live, take a listen now!

Just A Minute, What’s Behind The Images You Shoot?

In the fourth in our second Just A Minute series of video shorts, Nick answers: What’s Behind The Images You Shoot?

Here’s what he said…

Video shot on location for Off Beat Lounge.

A Night In – Show 6 – Plum Cake With Paul Carrington

In the sixth show: Plum Cake with Nick and Paul, Nick is joined by old friend Paul Carrington with a very special guest…Plum Cake.

Immortal Beloved Cameo

A new fiction novel released on 1st September by author Louise Scoular is to include a cameo appearance by Nick within the pages of the epilogue.

The book, entitled Immortal Beloved, is the last book in the author’s Ever Mine trilogy and tells the story of the leader of rock band When We Were Gods and his romantic past with a successful career woman living in New York.

The trilogy has many dark twists and turns as well as many musical links and culminates in the epilogue where Nick is described shooting one of the lead characters at Wembley when the band was on tour. Read More

Featured Image – September

This month’s featured image is of The Vibrators’ Pete Honkamaki.

To commission Nick visit or email.

A Night In – Show 5 – Lemon Madeira Cake With Paul Carrington

In the fifth show: Lemon Madeira Cake with Nick and Paul, Nick is joined by old friend Paul Carrington with a very special guest…Lemon Madeira Cake..

Project Twenty Five

We are excited to announce a very personal project that Nick is launching – Twenty Five.

Twenty Five is in aid of pancreatic cancer and is to commemorate his mother, Coral Elliott, who died of the disease 25 years ago in January 2019.

Nick aims to create a ‘living’ project by shooting 25 portraits of notable subjects over 25 months to create awareness of the disease and raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Action. Read More