After a resounding successful shoot in the beautiful Republic of Ireland last month, Nick has been busy post producing and printing out the finished fine art images, ready to go to their new collectors.

Nick’s Ireland Tour which took place over a week, involved two very special clients, Simon Collins, son to Phil Collins and Canadian guitarist Kelly Nordstrom. The images are for album artwork and promo material for Simon and Kelly’s new album , out on sale later this year.

Excitement is increasing at elliottstudios as Nick prepares to return to the Republic of Ireland for an extended shoot this June with Simon Collins and some very special musicians, all congregating at Simon’s music studio.

“I can’t wait to get back out on location in Ireland with Simon. He’s an absolutely top guy to be around. His family and friends made me so welcome, and I can’t wait to do some more face melting stuff with the guys.” ( Nick Elliott)


The 2Go Mad In Norfolk series has developed into an extremely popular podcast, which is the source of much amusement with its worldwide audiences as they listen to the hilarious, and often bizarre shenanigans that Nick and Andy get involved in and discuss.

Renowned rock art photographer Nick Elliott and award winning film director, Andy Blithe have completed eleven successful podcasts so far with plenty more still in the production phase to keep it’s listeners entertained. The duo discuss a variety of topics on location around North Norfolk and have even invited the Norfolk community to join in the fun on some of the episodes.

The topics and discussion often turn a little risqué as Nick and Andy enjoy talking about themes that are not often mentioned, with amusing results. So if you want Nick and Andy to entertain you, there are eleven episodes to chose from or you could just binge listen to them all!. The podcasts are available on Spotify, Anchor, and Copy RSS.

Just a few of the 2Go Mad In Norfolk podcast titles


The very first episode of 2GoMad In Norfolk is now available to view on elliottblithefilms YouTube channel. The series, starring renowned rock art photographer Nick Elliott, and award winning film director Andy Blithe, has already got off to an incredibly successful start.

Two go medieval

The cheeky pair have been busy filming all over North Norfolk, sampling the unusual to the traditional delights that this wonderful county has to offer, and serving it up in a deliciously hilarious series which is well worth the watch. After hours of filming, editing and producing, this anticipated series is now ready to share with its excited viewers.

The series is being aired on elliottblithefilms YouTube channel in the first instance with a chance to catch it on other various internet platforms as it develops.

The first episode sees the pair battling it out in full knight’s armour for a chance to win the fair lady’s hand. So head over to elliottblithefilms you tube channel to see who won, and while you are there don’t forget to give the site a like and a follow.

“ This has been a blinding series to make. Andy and I have had some great laughs and met some wonderful Norfolk people, it’s been fantastic”. (Nick Elliott)

If you have a business, an usual hobby or a place of interest in Norfolk that you would like to include in the show, please get in contact with benicebond@icloud,com for filming consideration.


It was with immense pride that Chris Moore, one of Nick’s closest friends and radio co-presenter, has chosen Nick to write the forward to his latest publication brimming with personal poetry penned over a life -time.

Chris Moore and Nick

Chris and Nick first met over eight years ago, whilst co-hosting a radio show together. Their mutual love of music and shared bizarre sense of humour cemented their friendship, which has become stronger over the years, as each of them have excelled in their own creative work.

“ Nick, like myself , is a creator: he with the photographic image and me with the written word. We are good friends on an identical mission in that respect, so who better to ask to write the forward to my anthology? Nick is a respected and influential expert in his field and to have his endorsement of my work offers gravitas to it beyond my wildest dreams, and means the world to me.” (Chris Moore)

Chris has written several well received books but his latest offering entitled Mrs Jay Meets The Creation Ratio, brings together a selection of poetry written over the course of this life, the earliest entry, when he was just seven years old. The book contains hundreds of thought provoking poetry, covering copious subjects written in various forms to enthral the reader, immersing them into the most inner sanctum of a genius writer’s mind. Designed to make its reader fall in love with poetry, to inspire, and provide enjoyment of the written word, it does just that.

Both Nick and Chris share a creative passion, and their two art forms are as entwined as their friendship. Nick’s fine art images can be seen as a poem without words and Chris’s poetry portrays an image within the reader’s mind. Each using different techniques to guide it’s viewer and reader into a creative chasm of self discovery and interpretation.

Two friends, two art forms, two creatives.

After a humbling self reflection of their friendship, Nick put pen to paper for the forward to this wonderful book, which will be published and on sale this summer.

“ I was deeply honoured that Chris asked me to write the forward for his anthology. It was a complete privilege. Our friendship remains one of the most important things in my life, and always will.” (Nick Elliott)


Several weeks ago Nick was commissioned by the heavy rock band Unholy Alliance, for a rather special shoot at the disused airbase, RAF Sculthorpe in Norfolk.

The talented and well respected band have been together for four years and have been rocking audiences around the U.K with their energetic performances. A USA tour is on the cards for September this year which is generating much excitement amongst their overseas fan base.

Ady Bailey’s, distinct lead locals heads up the band, with Nick Jackson-Wynch on lead guitar and support vocals, Richard Griswell, drummer and Michael Tatler, bass guitar. Rising from the ashes of the bands past association with English Dogs, Unholy Alliance continues to demonstrate their creative superiority with original compositions, angry, demonstrative vocals and impressive musical abilities. Unholy Alliance have already notched up two successful albums and continue to go from strength to strength in the music industry.

The band arrived at the bitterly cold, shoot location after a long drive from the North of England. After a brief wardrobe change, it was down to business. Nick seized the opportunity to create some adventurous and unique shots of the band that epitomises their music.

“Sculthorpe is a great location and opportunity to shoot some really exciting images of the band. It’s got a lot of atmosphere and unique hidden corners to get something really face melting for the guys.” Nick Elliott

The shoot went onto the evening time, and Nick continued to shoot with the use of all available light, a technique which he is well know for in his creative fine art.

Once a wrap was called, Nick, the elliottstudios team and the band all went for a well deserved and very tasty meal at one of Nick’s favourite restaurants.

“It was great to work with Unholy Alliance, they are a top bunch of guys. Let’s do it again sometime.” Nick Elliott


Slán go fóill, as they say in Ireland translates into the endearing phrase, ‘Goodbye, stay safe and see you very soon’, which is exactly what Nick and the elliottstudios team are planning for.

After a wrap was called for the very successful commissioned Irish Tour, shooting Simon Collins and his album collaborator, Kelly Nordstrom for album artwork and promo material, it’s now time for the team to head home and back into the studio where all the hard work starts.

Nick now has hours of editing and post producing over three hundred images taken on the Irish Tour. Each image can take up to an hour to post produce and bring it to the uniquely high, photographic fine art quality that is associated with Nick’s creations.

Prior to his departure, Nick and Simon discussed further collaborations, which will see Nick and the team travelling back to Ireland in the late Spring, Summer and Autumn, for further commissioned shoots for Simon’s next three albums. Simon is also keen for Nick to document an upcoming project between himself and his father, Phil Collins (lead singer and drummer for Genesis) which will take place in Phil’s hometown of Geneva, Switzerland.

“It’s been an amazing experience to work with two such talented musical geniuses and professionals. I’m looking forward to seeing the guys again and creating some more face melting art with them.” Nick Elliott.

Andy Blithe, who accompanied Nick to Ireland, took the opportunity to add more film footage to his documentary, ‘The story So Far’, chronicling the life of Nick due for release at selected cinemas and TV later this year.


As Nick’s Irish Tour draws to a successful close, it was time for a little down time to relax and enjoy the local surroundings with some of its charming characters.

Nick has been on a commissioned shoot on location in Kerry Ireland for several days. The purpose of the shoot was to supply album artwork and promo material for Simon Collins new album, out for an Autumn release in the U.K. Simon, Genesis drummer and son to Phil Collins, has been collaborating with Kelly Nordstrom, acclaimed Canadian guitarist, to produce a progressive rock album from Collins Irish studios.

Nick, has travelled to the Emerald Isle to capture some atmospheric fine art images of the duo at several prominent locations around The Republic Of Ireland. Accompanied by Andy Blithe, who is continuing Nick’s documentary of his life story, ‘The Story So Far’ and also documenting the Irish Tour, which has been hailed a resounding success by all participants.

The last day of the tour was an opportunity for everyone to to enjoy some relaxation after several hectic days shooting.

Simon Collins was keen to take Nick and the team to the local pub for some traditional Irish cuisine and beverages. Attracting the locals attention, it gave everyone the opportunity to swap some stories and even Nick swapped T- Shirts with an enthusiastic fan who recognised our world renowned photographer and Simon Collins.

Discussion’s are now taking place for a return trip for further commissioned shoots regarding Simon’s future albums that he is now working on.


Nick is still hard at it on his Irish Tour, shooting with Simon Collins and Kelly Nordstrom to create unique album artwork and promo material for Simon and Kelly’s new album, due for a autumn U.K. release.

The shoot location has moved inside to Simon’s state-of-the-art music studio near the picturesque Irish town of Kenmare, situated on the Kenmare Bay it is often referred to as the jewel in the Ring Of Kerry. The Ring Of Kerry is a popular scenic drive in Ireland’s southwest County Kerry and takes in coastal and rugged landscapes on it’s circular route.

The landscape of Ireland has proven to be a breathtaking opportunity for Nick to produce his art and source an abundance of shoot locations.

Nick has been blown away with the Irish hospitality and the magical landscape of Southern Ireland.

“This shoot is absolutely amazing, not only the wonderful locations and photographic opportunities that Ireland has to offer, but the elliottstudios team has been made so welcome by Simon, Kelly and the Collins family. We couldn’t have wished for a better trip or hosts. It’s absolutely busting!” Nick Elliott.

Back in Simon’s studio, the team had some valuable down time from shooting and a well deserved drink. Simon and Kelly, proving to be Ireland’s most fantastic host’s, took time out to present Nick and the team with some signed memorabilia for the studio.

“Time for a JD, I think.” Nick Elliott

And it’s not over yet. Keep connected to nickelliott.info for more Irish tour updates.


Mulgrave Barrack, (Killarney National Park, County Kerry, Ireland) is Nick’s shoot location with the talented musicians Simon Collins and Kelly Nordstrom.

Mulgrave Barracks is an impressive site, and curiously has the appearance of an ancient castle ruin. The historical truth is in fact that the Mulgrave Barracks was a home built for the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) in the nineteenth century. Now left in ruins it has become the ideal location shoot for Nick to produce some of his unique fine art.

Rain has not dampened the spirits of anyone on the shoot, only added to the atmospheric photographic art that Nick is creating. The shoot is expected to stretch into the night, so it’s a busy day for all concerned.

The activity around the Barracks has already attracted some onlookers, and fans of Simon Collins, (Genesis drummer and son of Phil Collins) and Kelly Nordstrom (Canadian Rock Guitarist).

The finished images will be used as album artwork and promo material for Simon and Kelly’s new album which will be out for release in Autumn in the U.K.

Keep connected with nickelliott.info for updates on Nick’s Irish Tour and shooting progress.


After arriving in the beautiful Republic of Ireland yesterday for a commissioned shoot with the talented musicians, Simon Collins and Kelly Nordstrom, it was an early call time for Nick today.

After checking the location of the shoot yesterday evening, it was time to prep the photographic equipment this morning, in readiness for this much anticipated shoot.

But first, Simon Collins, son of Phil Collins introduced Nick to the Collins family before a truly welcoming Irish Breakfast to start the day off in style.

“Myself and the elliottstudios team could not have had a better welcome from Simon, his family and Kelly. Our accommodation is top drawer and I’m blown away with how kind everyone is here. After getting here we went to meet the guys at Simon’s studio and had a pretty pucker meal afterwards.” Nick Elliott

Andy Blithe is also accompanying Nick in Ireland to continue ‘The Story So Far” documentary, chronicling Nick’s life story and his unique talent for producing photographic fine art of mainstream musicians within the music industry.

“I’ve pre recced several additional locations this morning. The original location is stunning but the surrounding area is fantastic with so many other photographic opportunities that we are spoilt for choice. It’s absolutely wonderful. The weather is squally, but it will add to the atmospheric images that I’ve story boarded for the shoot. Definitely going to get a few face melting shots today”. Nick Elliott

Follow nickelliott.info for live updates on Nicks Irish Tour


Nick has packed his bag and is headed to the Emerald Isle today as his Irish Tour kicks off to a rather frisky start at Luton Airport.

Staff at Luton Airport took such a shine to Nick and his unique attire that they insisted that he take it all off going through customs, much to the amusement of the elliottstudios team.

Nick is being commissioned by Simon Collins to shoot his new album artwork and promo material at various locations around the Republic Of Ireland near the musicians hometown. Simon, the British-Canadian drummer and lead vocalist of the talented rock band Sound of Contact and son of Genesis drummer and singer Phil Collins, contacted Nick for this very special shoot.

Simon and his album collaborator, and fellow Sound of Contact band member, Kelly Nordstrom an award winning Canadian guitarist, will be the subjects of Nicks commissioned shoot, to the wonderful backdrop of the breathtaking and magical landscape of Ireland.

Simon and Kelly have forged a notable and award winning reputation within the music business and continue to work with many mainstream music artists, including Genesis.

Simon has been busy during the lockdown period producing his latest album which has had a cathartic effect on him. The album comes from Simons experiences of personal hardship and struggle during various life changing events, including his divorce and band break up.

Nick has taken his studio team with him, including Andy Blithe, to document the Irish Tour and contribute to the fly on the wall documentary, The Story So Far, documenting Nicks life, produced and directed by Andy. The duo will also be broadcasting live podcasts.

Nick and Andy will be meeting Simon and Kelly later tonight at Simons studio and home, then it’s all off for a well deserved meal and a Guinness or two

Shooting starts tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled for live updates on nickelliott.info


You can now listen to Nick and Andy talking nonsense in a new ‘2 Go Mad In Norfolk’ podcast.

Nick and Andy, producer of Aturn Films, have been filming the ‘2 Go Mad In Norfolk’ series over the last 18 months, and have now developed it into an amusing, lighthearted podcast, where the boys can be heard giving their opinions on the serious issues of bondage, home-cooked chips, popular sayings, ailments and the U.K. weather, to name a few.

Nick and Andy

To listen to the podcast go to –

‘2 Go Mad In Norfolk’ on Facebook

‘2 Go Mad In Norfolk’ on Spotify

In the meantime the filming for the popular ‘2 Go Mad In Norfolk’ series continues, for release later this year on selected platforms, which sees this lovable duo travelling around Norfolk visiting the lesser know attractions that this wonderful county has to offer, talking to the Norfolk locals and creating laughter and mayhem wherever they go.

“It’s not for the faint hearted, more for the open minded! It’s great fun doing this with Andy, we have a lot to talk about.“ Nick Elliott. Rock art photographer.

Seaman Stain and Roger the cabin boy