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Last week Nick was invited for an interview with journalist Eric Secker who was looking to produce a three page feature on Nick, his life as a rock photographer, and his work, for lifestyle publication King’s Lynn Magazine.

After a very interesting chat, Nick had the opportunity to view what a lovely town King’s Lynn is source some possible locations for future shoots on the Norfolk coast.

The interview will be published in the November edition of the magazine and, of course, we’ll share it with you shortly.

Nick’s Snap-book

flickr-logo-button-500x500Nick has been looking at producing a ‘snap-book’ of him working for some time so we’ve put together an electronic library of snaps we’ve taken of Nick over the years.

We’ll let Nick explain thoughts behind his project:

“For some time I’ve wanted to do a snap book, just a personal thing, the modern-day equivalent of the traditional photograph album.

“I was initially looking to record some reportage stuff myself but then thought it would be a good idea to include some shots from the archive that have been taken of me.

“It’s not ‘The Nick Elliott Self-Appreciation Society’, they’re just quick grabs taken on phones, compact cameras, so nothing serious really.

“It’s just a record and a bit of fun and I’m planning to update it now and again when the mood takes me.”

We hope you like it:

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Progressing the project

Last month we brought you news that Nick has embarked on an exciting photo-documentary project with the legendary Rochdale Cowboy, Mike Harding.

As a singer, songwriter, comedian, author, poet, broadcaster and playwright, Mike Harding is an incredible entertainer and Nick aims to capture every essence of this special man.

Part two of the project saw Nick and the team catching up with Mike on his Me, a guitar and some more daft stuff tour at the Nottingham Playhouse where Nick and his camera shadowed him backstage, sidestage, frontstage, onstage, indeed every stage!

It was another late one, but enjoyable as ever!


Hardly started Mike Harding

Yesterday saw the start of the study project of the BBC presenter and folk/comedy genius that is the wonderful Mike Harding.

It’s been in the planning stages for some time, but Nick kicked the project off with some backstage shots of Mike chilling in his green room before his performance at The Little Theatre in Leicester.


After shadowing him all night, there are plenty of cracking shots both on and off-stage to choose from to represent this side of Mike’s multi-faceted life.

We’re next catching up with Mike later in his tour in Nottingham next month.  If you’re there, don’t forget to say ‘hi’.

To book tickets to see Mike, visit: Mike on tour

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